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Blair Waldorf
10 January 2020 @ 12:00 am
I am Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly is me.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy
Blair Waldorf
275. TEN truths you wish were lies.

1. He let me go. This time he walked away and it's over - for good and I should be happy. I should be happy. But he let me go.
2. I'm pregnant. My fiancee is the father of my baby.
3. I'm happy.
4. I'm getting the fairytale that I used to always think I wanted. A fairytale I tried to give up on, I redefined my fairytale.
5. The only person I can talk to is ... Dan Humphrey.
6. I'm not sure if I really want this life. I am happy but I don't know if this is the life I truly want anymore.
7. Everything is out of control.
8. I'm in love. I'm in love with the wrong man.
9. I want him to love me again.
10. I have everything to loose.

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*Note: This does not include this weeks episode "memoirs of an invisible dan".
Blair Waldorf
16 February 2010 @ 05:46 pm
233. TEN movies.

1. Charade
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. All About Eve
4. My Fair Lady
5. Two for the Road
6. Sabrina
7. Roman Holiday
8. Love in the Afternoon
9. Love Among Thieves
10. Wait Until Dark

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Blair Waldorf
210. TEN things you are thankful for this year.

1. Having a wonderful and understanding boyfriend who accepts me for who I am and hopefully realizes that I do love and respect him more than I've shown him. Desperation never looks well on me, if anyone has taught me that, Chuck has.

2. Finally having minions at NYU. Even if they are sub-par. At least they don't attempt to undermine me at every single turn. Thank God Penelope and Hazel are of the past.

3. I'm fairly certain that my STD infested roommate is not going to be returning after her little stunt. That makes me very thankful.

4. My mother and Cyrus, for letting me live my life how I want to. Even if I'm still occasionally misguided.

5. Serena, as always, because she is there for me and I love her, even if I will never understand her choices or idiosyncrasies.

6. Vanessa. If nothing else than to make life interesting. I always need someone to butt-heads with. She'll do until I find a worthy opponent. And maybe she does get ... some of it.

7. Chuck. Because he believes in me when I don't believe in myself and even when I do. He has to forgive me.

8. Jenny Humphrey. I only admit this begrudgingly. At least she finally realized that there must be a structured Hierarchy at Constance and if she wants things to be even the slightest bit happy go-lucky (yeah right) she has to keep the girls in line. She's learning. She has what it takes, she's just got to let that girl from the wrong side of the tracks attitude behind her. She'll never be one of us but she's close.

9. Nate. For being there for me when I needed him. Even though we haven't spent much time together lately he will always be important to me and ... he also helped me realize what was truly best for me and what I truly needed.

10. Dan Humphrey. Because at least I have someone to mock consistently. He's a good friend to Serena and I'll tolerate him for that.

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ooc: updated to current season of GG
Blair Waldorf
22 April 2009 @ 06:08 pm
PrivateCollapse )

So are there any social functions in the castle that I'm missing out on? Perhaps educational discussions? Even a college of sorts. Or is that something I'd have to start myself?
Blair Waldorf
15 April 2009 @ 09:01 pm
188. TEN confessions.

1. I am not a good person.
2. Selfishness is a part of my core personality.
3. I will always be jealous of Serena.
4. I act on impulse and lash out when I'm hurt.
5. I sometimes feel like a desperate fool, like I lost myself somewhere along the way.
6. I don't deserve the things that I have.
7. I am not a nice person.
[Locked]8. I know what I really want but I can't debase myself anymore for someone who does nothing but destroy himself.[Unlocked]
8. I am a very lucky person or clever depending on how you look at it.
9. I hated my mother for her indifference towards me for the longest time. Cyrus has changed her.
10. I will never allow myself to have any sort of feelings for Chuck Bass ever again. He's toxic. Nate is a much more quality man. I've known it for a long time; we just both had to grow up a little before we could actually work as a couple.

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Blair Waldorf
[When she woke up feeling sick and rushed out of bed to the bathroom to throw up she was thinking OMG OMG OMG OMG I cannot be pregnant. Then she noticed that the castle had turned into a boat and it was more like wtf wtf wtf. She left Chuck sleeping but took her journal in case he got all freaked that she was gone and headed out to the deck of the ship.]

I really hate cruise ships, I like my feet flat and my center of gravity stable. [She mused to herself] But, this is a really nice view.
Blair Waldorf
I've pretty much been laughing almost everyday at the insanity going on in this place. I don't want to speak to soon and say I'm glad I haven't been apart of it but I'm sure soon enough I'll get my comeuppance. Karma from the real world, does it strike here as well or is it more of a clean slate. Your Karma in Paradisa comes from how you treat people in Paradisa? Anyone found if either of these is true?

Cause I wasn't always the nicest person back home but I accepted it and I lived with the things I did like a weight on my shoulders.

It's only a matter of time before I break when I go back home. No memory of this place right? If we go back, there's no memory.
Blair Waldorf
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Zack AddyCollapse )

Is it just me or is the castle getting weirder and weirder? Of course for those of you here for a while it's probably not that weird but we go from people drinking the kool-aide to random bouts of insanity? Which I guess isn't that unusual around here but it's - everything.
Blair Waldorf
07 March 2009 @ 11:13 am

Everyone's acting really weird. Weird enough that being social is completely not my bag right now. After that whole week of scary as hell stuff that went on I've been content enough to stay in bed under the covers with Chuck. Of course, I know that needs to change because he can't be the only person I ever talk to in this place. Who knows how long I'll be here and eventually we're going to start driving each other crazy, new start and outlook aside.

And now Serena's here and she's Hamptons-Serena. Totally in the 'We hate Chuck' solitude that came with the Summer. Not that I didn't appreciate the show of support against her step brother and all but I have a feeling this isn't going to bode well for the nice bubble we've created around ourselves. One that wasn't hard to maintain in a world where nobody really knows us.

I'm not even sure how to explain this damn world to Serena, as if I understand it myself, let alone what's going on between me and Chuck. Which is serious and nothing like anything it could ever be in the real world - at least not anytime soon for us.

Honestly, and this makes me feel like a horrible best friend but I wish she hadn't show up.

But I'm glad she's here. It's this weird conundrum I've found myself in. My best friend is here, I should be really happy for a familiar face and I am but ... it worries me too. With Serena comes drama.

And god help us all if Dan Humphrey shows up in this place too I might just jump out a window.